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Why C/C++ Is My One True Love

At least within the category programming languages…

I love to program…

I love to create something, out of typing text…

I love to make physical things do stuff, just by typing text…

It makes me feel like an old man, when I hack away in node.js or try any of the new languages… And just wish I had chosen good ol’ trusty and speedy C/C++…

I am not particularly picky, when it comes to programming languages.
If I know the language and I can do what I need to do, with a reasonable result, I’m pretty happy.

There are programming languages I don’t know and programming languages I wish I didn’t knew…
But mostly, I just enjoy being able to create by writing.

One (actually two) language(s) has always fascinated me though… And that is C and C++.

I don’t really differentiate the two too much - maybe it’s because I don’t know enough C++. But I use C++ as the easier version of C...

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Stop telling me how to code!

Some days, someone absolutely hates prototypes in JavaScript - other days somebody tells me I should NEVER use ==, only ===

Well… Stop telling me how to code!!!

I’ve been coding (at least typing code), since I was 4-5 years old… (I’m a bit more than that now…)!
I know what the happens, if I choose to use if(myInt == 0)!!! Do you?!?!

Most hated (by some) features of languages are there for a reason… By design!

Start learning the language, before you skip to the next language, that you are also going to utterly hate, for some weird reason or another!

Languages has purpose

Languages, is in most cases, designed to fulfil a purpose as a tool, for solving some particular problems - sometimes all problems…
The creators often did a shit load of thinking, before they sat down a started typing…
If you ignore that, you are probably never going to learn a language well enough, to actually...

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Programming made easy - not just for kids

We need to make a bigger effort, making programming easier.

There is a lot of effort going into making development easier for kids…
Well… How about making it easier for everybody?

I see myself as a seasoned developer, but I still struggle with keeping bugs out of my code and spend to much of my development time, testing if the last 10 lines I wrote actually works… Especially in Internet Exploder!

We need to change this!

I think the guys over at NoFlo are on to something…

What I like about NoFlo, is the idea of thinking in boxes of functionality, that can then be coupled with whatever fits into the in/out scheme/API.

You are only limited by 2 things:

  • Does the block do what you need?
  • Does existing blocks provide or consume the correct parameters?

That creates a considerably easier way, of getting a good overview of how the code is to be structured - much better than having code...

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The Internet Of Talking Things

What if everything could interact and learn from other things?..

How would the world look

… If your phone could talk to the lights, the lights could talk to your TV, the TV could talk to your vacuum cleaner… etc?..

The Internet of Talking Things

Every day a new fantastic thing or device is announced, Kickstarter gets more and more interesting stuff and everything gets more and more (internet) connected…

People (like myself) creates apps for phones, watches, computers, etc. to control more and more stuff, but every time a new gagdet sees the light of the day - someone has to sit down a code up a solution for each existing device, that people wants connected to the new gagdet…

That’s just dumb and annoying!

What if we could invent a flexible standards protocol for “The Internet Of Talking Things”?
A simple protocol and design that would allow my Bluetooth Pebble watch to “just know”...

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Back to blogging (Updated)

Update (Jan 28): Along came Ghost… And then came Svbtle!

It has been a while since I blogged the last time…
I have missed it, but haven’t found the right platform since Posterous closed down.

Along came Ghost!

This might just be the platform I have been waiting for.
Goodbye to PHP, hello to node.js - sorry WordPress… We had some good times too…

Why should I read your blog

… you might ask…

Good question! You shouldn’t read my blog, unless you like random ramblings about tech!
I love playing with new tech - both software and hardware - so that’s what I’m going to blog about.

Whatever I struggle to figure out - I will blog about, if I find a solution.
Anything I’m proud to have created - I will blog about.
If I find projects from other people - that I like, I will blog about it.
If I come up with an idea - I will blog about it.
If I read an article that I strongly disagress with… I...

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